Trekking in the Fann Mountains

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We invite you to go hiking in the Fann Mountains. In this trip we will visit the two countries - Uzbekistan and Tajikistan will visit the magical city on the Silk Road - Samarkand and Bukhara. Majestic and beautiful Fan mountains will win your hearts and will remain in the memories for years to come.

1 day. Meeting at the hostel of Tashkent (TAS)

Trekking in the Fann MountainsTrekking in the Fann Mountains

The group meets in a pre-booked hostel in Tashkent (TAS) during the day. You can arrive at any time, even in the morning, even late at night. Free time can be spent on a walk around the city and getting to know the local culture.

Day 2. Moving to alpincamp Artyuch

Trekking in the Fann Mountains

The second day will be full of crossings. In the morning, we leave in Khujand (Khudjent) in Tajikistan. On the way, stop off at the railway station in Tashkent and buy train tickets to Samarkand and Bukhara. We pass the customs control on the border of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. In Khujand (Khudjent) dine in one of the cafes near the road, and then transplanted to the group all-terrain vehicles, and leaves it to the alpine camp Artuch at an altitude of 2200 m. The alpine camp will arrive late in the evening. Located at rest after an exhausting day's leave in the alpine camp of the things that do not need to hike in the mountains, but it is necessary to discover cities.

Day 3. Pass Chukurak, Kulikalon lake

Trekking in the Fann MountainsTrekking in the Fann MountainsTrekking in the Fann Mountains

Our first day of trekking on the Fan Mountains will be saturated, but gentle on the load. First, we will climb to the alpine camp located on Lake Chukurak double - to the lowest of the three lake located in Chukurak gorge. The color of water is replaced by an oblong pond with greenish afternoon on blue - evening. Let's go up and find ourselves on the pass Chukurak (3180 m). Before us appear a magnificent panorama of the entire system Kulikalon lakes. Right at your feet spread over the smooth surface of several lakes, of course, do not miss the opportunity to swim in its clear waters. We get down to the alluring beauty of its reservoirs and break their camp on the shores of beautiful Lake Bibidzhanat.

Mileage 12 km; set 1000 m, descent 400 m

Day 4. Pass Alaudin (1A)

Trekking in the Fann MountainsTrekking in the Fann Mountains

Today we will have a long transition. So we wake up early, turn the camp and begin the ascent to the pass Alaudin (3730 m). We will go, rushing up the mountain valley, to the souls of the lakes at the foot of Mary (the lake is called "Tears of Mary"), and then - even higher, following the path, winding serpentine, to pass. Before us - a scenic view of the turquoise waters of Alaudin lakes in the rocks and a large Kulikolonskoe lake. Then we are waiting for a protracted descent to one of the most beautiful lakes in the Fann Mountains. Gorgeous photos of this natural wonder is required to replenish the collection of pictures in this campaign. We spend the night at the lake Alaudin. On the opposite shore of the lake is the teahouse. In the evening you can go to her and try a real local pilaf.

The distance of 10 km; a height of 1000 m Vertical

Day 5. Murky lake

Trekking in the Fann MountainsTrekking in the Fann Mountains

In this way, we will come to a small circular lake Pialat, with incredibly clean and cold water (about 4 degrees), by which the surface of constantly talking ripples. Our goal for today - Muddy lake. In them we say goodbye to the mule-drivers - all backpacks will now bear. The entire transition will take us no more than three to four hours, so that the entire second half of the day we will have a rest. Take a dip in the greenish waters, being surrounded by the highest peaks of Fan Castle, Fagitor, Chimtarga, Energy and Adantash. The stern grandeur of the mountains and the absence of vegetation around lakes create an enchanting picture.

Distance: 6 km, set 700 m.

Day 6. The rise to the pass Chimtarga

Trekking in the Fann MountainsTrekking in the Fann Mountains

All passed acclimatization and start a real campaign. Under the backpack! With every meter ascent will open new views of the hill country fans. What is it big and beautiful! All kilometer ascent will be like one big photo shoot. So quietly and zapolzёm at 4500m, where the stones are arranged for the night. Stunning views can contemplate directly in a tent, not getting out of the sleeping bag. Especially in the setting-voskhodnyh colors. Just open your eyes

The distance of 7 km. 1000m ascent

Day 7. The ascent to the pass Chimtarga

Trekking in the Fann MountainsTrekking in the Fann Mountains

We get up early in the morning and begin the ascent to the pass between Chimtarga (5489 m) and energy. It offers a magnificent view of the very Chimtarga, crimson wall towering over the pass.

This is no time to relax, we have a long way down to Lake Big Allo. The trail passes through hills dotted with small stones entirely. Getting around is difficult, but we can not give up. After the final passage through a large stone blockage, go to the intersection of the valleys, where lies the coveted lake.

Distance: 12 km; Set 650 meters, 1600 meters descent.

Day 8. Reserve day in case of bad weather

Trekking in the Fann MountainsTrekking in the Fann Mountains

This day - the backup. If we are not lucky with the weather and there will be some other force majeure on the route. If everything goes well, we use it for the radial access to the unique beauty of the lake - Top Hello (at an altitude of 3150 m) or to relax after a difficult climb.

In 1912, a strong earthquake shook the Fan Mountains, forcing instantly shattered into pieces the southern slope of the Western Fann Mountains. She stopped the river, and the mountains have witnessed the birth of a new lake - Big Allo. This lake, bean-shaped, ice water, unusually intense blue color, is in a valley surrounded by huge vertical walls.

The location is great for day's rest. Swim and enjoy the incredible beauty of the mountains ..

Let's go 6 km, height difference 200 m.

Day 9. Small Allo - Gaza

Trekking in the Fann MountainsTrekking in the Fann Mountains

We are waiting for the longest jump. We pass along a steep ravine, we pass quite tiny lake Small Allo.

In wet years it appears in Zindon canyon at an altitude of 2340 meters. Water flowing through a five-kilometer dam of rocks becomes crystal clear and unusual shade of green.

We use the coolness of its waters, a little rest, and again in a way. The lower we go down, the hotter it becomes. We go to the village of Gaza, a little before reaching it, put the camp. Active walking part of the tour ends on the Fan Mountains.

Distance 22 km, down 1,500 m

10 Day. Transfer Hundzhand - Tashkent

Trekking in the Fann MountainsTrekking in the Fann Mountains

Today we leave Tajikistan. Early in the morning on machines leaving for Tashkent, with a change in Khujand. Again, we go through border control. The path will take 7-8 hours. In Tashkent, we check into the hostel. In the evening, go explore the city.

11 Day. Samarkand

Trekking in the Fann MountainsTrekking in the Fann Mountains

Ancient worlds await us. In the morning, a high-speed train in 2 hours we arrive in Samarkand - one of the most famous cities of Uzbekistan, numbering in its eventful history of more than 2750 years. We will visit the true ornament of Central Asia, one of the most beautiful squares in the world, located in the center of Samarkand - Registan. Here, on the cobbled and fired brick is an ensemble of three majestic and stunningly beautiful from the architectural point of view of the medieval university: Ulugbek madrassah (. Construction in 1417 on the 1420's), Sher-Dor, built in the second half of the XVII century, Tilla-Kari (. "decorated with gold") began to build in 1646.

We will see, and Gur-Emir - the tomb of Timurid masterpiece of Central Asian architecture, and many other attractions. Held in the city all day. Night train (it will take our overnight) will take away our "Sacred and Noble Bukhara" (Bukhara-i-Sharif).

12 Day. Bukhara - Tashkent

Trekking in the Fann Mountains

In the morning in front of us appear great city. Bukhara - the center of medieval monuments and shrines of Islam. In the Middle Ages the territory of Bukhara has more than 350 mosques and 80 madrassas, many of which are perfectly preserved to this day - more than 140 monuments. All roads lead to the holy city of the central pond - Labi-Hauz (Lyabi-Hauz (XVI-XVII centuries.) - One of the central squares of Bukhara, where around a large artificial pond and madrassas clustered khanaka Nadir Divan-Begi (1622) also nearby is the Kukeldash (1568) K Labi-Hauz direct our feet and we also look around:.. complex Poi Kalyan (. built in XII-XVI cc), includes a mosque, a minaret and madrasah Miri Arab), Hodge complex -Gaukushon, and more.

In the evening, we will take away the night train back to Tashkent. Our trip ends. Last night will take place in train.

13 Day. Coming back home

Trekking in the Fann Mountains

Participants hike say goodbye to each other and fly home. Fan mountains is now forever remain in your heart.

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  • This is a real mountain hike. Food, equipment and personal items we carry in backpacks on their backs. Only the first two days will help us carry things donkeys. We sleep in tents. Food to cook on the burner and fire (she and other kitchen appliances will be the instructor). The soul does not exist anywhere, but there is a great lake with mountain water :)
  • Going for a hike conductor personally buys and distributes equally between the parties, everyone is about 5-6 kg of food.
  • The instructor has the right to change the route depending on the weather, the state of the group and our wish to you, the main thing to enjoy the hike.
  • Cash at the beginning of the campaign the conductor, in the case of retirement amount is recalculated and is not refundable.
  • Groups usually about 15 minute participants.
  • camp improvement (installation of tents, food prigotovlenie) produced by all the participants of the campaign. At work nicer and more fun :).
  • Be sure to read the question whether you need a visa to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. registration of the organization in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan we undertake. You will need to carry a photo 3 * 4 cm.
  • To participate in the campaign for the Fan Mountains are required: Experience in hiking and the absence of medical contraindications.
  • Weather in Fanah different, the summer rains are rare, but if you shed, will not find it. Summer daytime +15 +30 0 +15 at night. Sleeping is recommended to take a comfort limit -5.


Tour price include:

  • Guide
  • Route meals
  • First aid kit
  • Spot in a tent - if your need
  • Campfire accessories
  • mules to carry backpacks in the first 2 days
  • Rides between Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and alpine camp Artyuch
  • 2 nights at hostel in Tashkent
  • Registration in Tashkent
  • Environmental fee

Tour price not include:

  • Flight tickets
  • Food in cities
  • Medical insurance
  • A ride from and to the airport

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