My Elbrus
by Natali Stukalo  
I do not know what words convey what I felt when I made my first ascent! We were very lucky with the weather in comparison with the following groups - half an hour later upstairs the chalk so that nothing was visible, and we got a bit of solonetz and a fantastic view of the Main Caucasian Range) I am delighted with the trip! It has everything: perfectly thought-out acclimatization on the most beautiful surroundings of Elbrus, unique views and excellent organization !!!
Fabulous Damavand
by Jane Atamanenco
This is one of those tours that combines mountainous and entertaining parts together in one travel. And we had enough time for both of them. In the first part we managed to acclimatize ourselves properly for the high altitude and climbed on top of Demavend. It is the highest extinct volcano in Asia (5610 m.) and does require some effort. Its slops are adorned by red poppy fields, which are most beautiful in the spring. Having gone down after that, tired, but with a feeling of completed mission, we dived in a real authentic culture. For Western people Iranian society could look sometimes strange, but if you have open mind you will like it. I hold in respect their traditions of hospitality (you have a feeling that helpful people are everywhere !).
My first ascent
by Mary Kluienko
Iranian tracking was a big challenge, the big pleasure and the big adventure as well. I want to provide a couple of hints basing on my own climbing experience in that country. Firstly, do not be worry or aware of getting visa after arriving to airport. And secondly, take a sun protection lotion or cream!! We climbed up to Damavan in an amount of 3 people, - tiny but cozy company. One thing you need to make sure you ARE READY FOR THE HIGHT? If you have enough of mountain tops acclimatization experience and your body is already familiar with ''mountain sickness'', it's trip for you! Iranian trip by itself is something fabulous. The dust of mountains, and friendly attitude of city inhabitants as well as fascinating colours and shapes of mosques will stay as an adventurously memory for all life long!
Impressions of Elbrus :)
by Helen Kulikova  
If you decide to climb Mount Elbrus, the mass of impressions you provided! Personally, I'm ecstatic! The colorful nature of the Caucasus during the track and acclimatization, harsh rock and snow climbing, sky and sun, and, of course, the height of the top of Europe - for that is definitely worth to go to Mount Elbrus. So many impressions - and in just 11 days the campaign! Also I was pleasantly surprised and comfort - on the part of the slope is and comfortable elevators and cabins for lodging and equipment rental. A company can communicate easier than ever to find - wanting to come back for a visit to the old Elbrus enough. Decidedly everything has to this glorious journey! Let's hit the road!
Lician way
by Rostyslav Levytskyy  
All the enormous thanks for a good trip. Namely: Valera - as the most responsible, Luce - for knowledge of languages and seasonings, Katya and Olga for being dispersed flegmatizm Andrew, Andrew for the most flegmatizm, Lina and second Ole - for positive mood, Alena - for the fact that learned to correctly set tent, Thane - for a delicious lemonade and do not forget to take a knife the next time, all the glory and another group marching parallel course - for a cheerful mood, and of my identity - for the fact that I am pleasantly complement the entire set.
Incredible Svaneti
by Max Troilov  
If I had one word to describe the journey to Svaneti, then perhaps these words would become "indescribable" - it is suitable absolutely everything in this wonderful country. People and nature, wine and food, music and songs - all fall in love with Georgia, makes talking about it to friends and acquaintances, calls to re-visit this wonderful region. What can we say, the Caucasus has never let forget about yourself - mountains, passes, rivers, the sky and the sun at its zenith - these wonderful memories, folding into a song, and today make the blood run faster and your heart beat faster. Beat in anticipation of a new unforgettable journey!

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