Climbing Elbrus

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We invite all courageous spirit to climb the highest peak of the Caucasus - Elbrus. Elbrus - the highest point of Russia (5642 m). This legendary mountain is the dream of every avid fan of the mountains and the traveler. Elbrus has two parts. Starting our journey in the Elbrus region, where we will pass necessary for the successful ascent of a high mountain acclimatization. In our plans - trekking in the lake area and the passage Syltrankёl pass Syltran. Participants will be required climbing training in mountaineering training. After acclimatization hike we climb the Elbrus.

Elbrus from south can be called the most comfortable ascent of all the options. Here houses and containers at altitudes from 3700 to 4100 and the opportunity to ride on the snowcat to a height of 5100 to climb the night.

Day 1. Arrival to Mineralnye Vody (MRV), Pyatigorsk hostel.

Climbing ElbrusClimbing Elbrus

Team members can arrive in the Mineralnye Vody (MRV) at any time, even early in the morning, even late at night. The group and the instructor will be waiting for you at the hostel. From the airport to the hostel in Pyatigorsk, it's best to take a taxi. If you have time, we can stroll around the city and see the sights. In the evening, the instructor distributes products for the first part of the campaign for the Elbrus region, repackages equipment. Dating evening. Unnecessary things can be left at the hostel.

Day 2. Transfer to the Upper Baksan 1500. Valley Kyrtyk river 2000.

Climbing ElbrusClimbing Elbrus

Early morning breakfast. Then we go to the village of Upper Baksan, which is located in the Baksan Gorge. Transfer takes about 3 hours. On the day we need to go a little more, it would have to spend the night close to the pass Syltran.

Day 3. Pass Syltran 3445, Lake Syltrankel 3200.

Climbing ElbrusClimbing Elbrus

Today, we are waiting for a good, full-bodied, hard day. We need to rise to a height of 2000 m to 3500 m, ie 1500 meters climb. And spend the night at an altitude of 3200 m. At the mountain lake Syltrankel. This will allow us to acclimatise well to the altitude and physical strain.

Day 4. Descent to the Baksan, transfer to Terskol, holiday at the campsite.

After a hard day yesterday, today, we will only go down. However, we need to go down about 2000m. We arrive in the village of Upper Baksan, where we have been and are moving to Terskol. Selimsya the campsite, we take a shower, charge your phone and camera. In a word - a rest. Preparing for the ascent.

Day 5. Rental equipment, cableway to 3700 barrels.

Climbing ElbrusClimbing Elbrus

In the morning we take in all the missing equipment rental - cats, crampons, plastic boots, whom they need to hire you can take it anywhere, even pants, jackets and even backpacks. Buy more products on the ascent itself and distributed to participants. By noon podedem the clearing Azau and take the cable car to an altitude of 3700 settled in a house, where we will spend the night. If you have time, try to walk at least 11 minute before the shelter at an altitude of 4100 m for better acclimatization. It is believed that it is always better to spend the night at an altitude of less than reached during the day.

Day 6. Acclimatization to 5100.

Climbing ElbrusClimbing Elbrus

The importance of this day can not be overestimated. We get up before dawn, about 5 minute in the morning, getting used to get up early. A little breakfast, we fill a thermos of hot tea with sugar, take a snack, and a first aid kit and go out for the day for acclimatization. We need to reach a height of 5100 m. To induce her for some time, learn samozaderzhaniyu on a slope with an ice ax, walking in tandem and will go down to the place of our home.

Day 7. Day of rest.

For today it is important to relax as much as possible and go to bed early, at 4-5 pm. It is important as much as possible to regain strength before climbing.

Day 8. Elbrus 5642.

Climbing ElbrusClimbing ElbrusClimbing ElbrusClimbing Elbrus

We get up at 2-3 am. Light snack, we are reserved thermoses with hot tea. Dress cats, lanterns, plastic shoes, equipping to the full. Rathrak we deliver to a height of 5100 m, where we have already heard in the acclimatization day. We can climb about 700 m. The first passes oblique shelf, find ourselves at the pass 5300. Then last push and we are on top. Rejoice, take pictures and went down. By evening, we celebrate a successful ascent.

Day 9. Reserve day.

Climbing ElbrusClimbing Elbrus

Reserve day in case of bad weather. If the day is not useful, we can go down where we are waiting for mass entertainment: sauna, Chegem, observatory, seltzer, local mountain cuisine.

Day 10. Descent to Terskol in 2000, moving to Pyatigorsk.

Today, we can only go down by cable car in Terskol, pick up things from the camping and go to Pyatigorsk in the hostel. In the evening we walk around the city and celebrate.

Day 11. Flight home.

Our program is finished, scatter to their homes.

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  • Our program consists of two parts: trekking and climbing directly itself. During the trekking food and equipment we carry in backpacks on their backs. We sleep in tents, cook on the burner. On the ascent we will spend the night in containers or drums at a height of 3700 All days Elbrus our things are in the house, in the same place and eat. We walk only with small rucksacks with clothes, thermos, personal belongings. Take a shower and charge electronic gadgets, take a rolling equipment it will be possible only in camp after trekking before climbing.
  • Going to track purchases conductor distributes it among the participants on the first night in Pyatigorsk. After the track and before climbing guides to buy more food and then distribute it by the participants. In both cases there will be about 4 kg of food.
  • Description of the program is very conditional. The instructor can change the program from the first day, even before its start. It all depends on the time of year, snow, weather conditions. May change as the trekking part of the program, and climbing. The main purpose of all the instructors bring to the top and pull down the whole and healthy, so trust the instructors at 100%.
  • Payment in cash the first day of the instructor. In the case of exit from the route the money will not be returned and are not restated.
  • Seats in the group is limited. We recruit no more than 10 participants in a group of five. This is because the number of people in the snowcat and the container, more than 10 participants and 2 minute instructors hold impossible.
  • All work on the camp, putting up tents, cooking dinner, made by all members of the group. At work more pleasant and cheerful.
  • Be sure to find out whether you need a visa to Russia and make it advance.
  • Climbing - a serious and dangerous occupation. To conquer Mount Elbrus is good to have the experience of climbing to a height of 3,500 or 4,000 meters. If you go without training, it is likely to be ill altitude sickness and did not climb to the summit, fail all the time in the camp. During the climb performance of the instructor commands required. Instructor decisions are not discussed.
  • Weather in Elbrus Elbrus and can be very different. There will be rain and snow and strong winds, and even the sun and heat. The weather here is very quickly replaced. Sleeping enough to have a limit of -10 comfort. After all, we spend the night in cabins on the mountain, and the bottom of the trekking is enough.


Tour price include:

  • 2 Guides
  • Route meals
  • First aid kit
  • Rides Pyatigorsk - Baksan gorge - Pyatigorsk
  • All rides in Baksan gorge
  • Cableway from Azau to 3700 and back
  • Hostel in Pyatigorsk for 2 nights
  • Campsite in Terskol
  • All nights in barrel container 3700
  • Snowcat to 5100 in the ascent night
  • Registration of foreigners in Russia
  • Registration in the rescue service
  • Spot in a tent - if your need
  • Campfire accessories
  • Rope

Tour price not include:

  • Flight tickets
  • Food in Pyatigorsk
  • Medical insurance
  • A ride from and to the airport
  • Individual climbing equipment (rent in Terskol)

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Natali Stukalo
Natali Stukalo  
I do not know what words convey what I felt when I made my first ascent! We were very lucky with the weather in comparison with the following groups - half an hour later upstairs the chalk so that nothing was visible, and we got a bit of solonetz and a fantastic view of the Main Caucasian Range) I am delighted with the trip! It has everything: perfectly thought-out acclimatization on the most beautiful surroundings of Elbrus, unique views and excellent organization !!!
Helen Kulikova
Helen Kulikova  
If you decide to climb Mount Elbrus, the mass of impressions you provided! Personally, I'm ecstatic! The colorful nature of the Caucasus during the track and acclimatization, harsh rock and snow climbing, sky and sun, and, of course, the height of the top of Europe - for that is definitely worth to go to Mount Elbrus. So many impressions - and in just 11 days the campaign! Also I was pleasantly surprised and comfort - on the part of the slope is and comfortable elevators and cabins for lodging and equipment rental. A company can communicate easier than ever to find - wanting to come back for a visit to the old Elbrus enough. Decidedly everything has to this glorious journey! Let's hit the road!
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