Climbing Damavand

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Iran - is a magical country with a unique culture, hospitable people and amazingly diverse nature. Desert, mountains and valleys, forests and waterfalls - there is everything. The aim of our campaign - to conquer the highest peak of the country - an extinct volcano Damavand, located in the Alborz mountain range. We are committed not only climbing, but also plunge into the atmosphere of ancient Persia.

Our route is perfect for those who want to try yourself in the high mountains. We will not carry heavy backpacks, climbing Damavand without snow.

For those who are in Iran for the first time you should know that it is very important to observe the appearance in this country. Men need to be in pants, it is not recommended to walk in shorts. Girls necessarily cover the head with a scarf, skirt should be long.

Day 1. Arrival, meeting of the group in Tehran (IKA) hostel.

Climbing DamavandClimbing Damavand

The group meets in a pre-booked hostel Tehran (IKA) during the whole of the first day, so time your arrival does not matter. Instructor buys food, gas. Those who have time to spare, you can stroll through Tehran. In the evening, we distribute food for the participants. We take only what you need for the next two days and pack small rucksacks.

Day 2. Darband (about 2000 m), Shipala shelter 2800m.

Climbing DamavandClimbing Damavand

In the morning, have breakfast and leave in the northern area of Darband Tehran. Here begins the path that will lead us to the mountain shelter tenon. Before the shelter waterfall :) excellent views of the Tehran opened shelters.

Day 3. Tochal 3964 m, cable car in Tehran.

Climbing DamavandClimbing Damavand

We get up before dawn, breakfast and go on a journey. In the morning to go nice and cool. Overall height is getting higher and as hot as yesterday, it will be gone. By the afternoon we will arrive at Tochal. Will go down in the cable car. In the evening, the conductor buys products Demavend. Packing big backpacks and tents with all things, we leave the hostel just unnecessary.

Day 4. Polur, Sarah Gusfand 3200 m.

Climbing DamavandClimbing Damavand

Breakfast in the morning at the hostel. Then we go to the semi-rank bus. After landing another 20 minutes walk to the base camp 1. Here we get the permits and go off-road vehicle to the second base camp Gusfand sara. To camp and spend the night. The landscape around is very similar to Fann Mountains in Tajikistan :)

5 day. Go to the base camp 4250 m.

Climbing DamavandClimbing Damavand

Today is a very easy day, you need to dial 1000 m altitude. Backpacks will travel on donkeys, and we will go on foot. In June, there grows a lot of poppies, so will often stop and take pictures. In the base camp we put tents and have dinner.

Day 6. Acclimatization 5000 under the waterfall.

Climbing DamavandClimbing Damavand

We need to get used to the height, to adapt to it. Therefore, our goal today to climb up a frozen waterfall, which is located at an altitude of about 5000 m. To induce a little longer at this height, have a bite and go down to our base camp. We go to bed early.

Day 7. Sturm Demavend 5671 meters, returning to Sara Gusfand 3200.

Climbing DamavandClimbing Damavand

We get up at 4 am to 5 am, we go to the assault Demavend. On the hill will be a 10 minute morning. Just before the summit at Demavend fumaroll are many that are easily seen from the trail of sulfur. One, the biggest of her erupting sulfur smoke and you should try a smaller inhale it, as it irritates the mucous membranes of the lungs. Also take care of your eyes. Photographed, and quickly went down. First, the base camp, then Gusfand Sarah. In the evening, we celebrate the victory jar Coca Cola.

Day 8. Polur, Tehran, overnight train to Shiraz.

In the morning we move on to the semi-rank SUV. Then catch the bus and go to Tehran, bathe in the hostel, give himself up. We reserve the big backpacks and take a little, now we only travel to the cities and large taskatsya us to anything. After lunch, board the train in Shiraz.

Day 9. Inspection of Persepolis.

Climbing DamavandClimbing Damavand

We devote the entire day exploring the ruins of Persepolis, in the evening we spend the night in the hostel.

10 day. Morning drive to Yazd.

Climbing DamavandClimbing Damavand

In the morning we moved to Yazd, in the evening walk around the city with strange clay houses and streets.

11 day. Evening drive to Esfahan.

On the morning of the inspection did not have time to see yesterday. In the evening move to Esfahan. We spend the night in the hostel.

12 day. Esfahan, the night train to Tehran.

Climbing Damavand

The whole day we will leave for a visit Esfahan. In the evening, we sit on the train and go all night in Tehran.

13 day. Tehran departure.

In Tehran, we go to our usual hostel, give myself up every flies at any time, as anyone convenient.

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  • Our program is very intense, two climbing and excursions to the ancient cities of Persia. The ascent to Tochal we will spend the night in the shelter, so we go with small rucksacks. The ascent to the Damavand we sleep in tents, backpacks are thrown on donkeys. In the city tour we will travel with small rucksacks and sleeping in hostels and trains. On the track preparing the burner.
  • Explore buys products and distributes them among the participants in two stages: before climbing Tochal and before climbing Damavand. On Tochal is about 1.5 kg per person. On Demavend about 3 kg per person.
  • Since the weather is usually very stable on the Damavand from June to September, the changes in the program is not expected.
  • Payment on the first day at a meeting with the instructor in cash. the amount is not recalculated and does not return When going from a route.
  • Groups are usually 10-15 people.
  • Its participants set their own tents. Guides prepare, but he often needs help participants.
  • Almost everyone in Iran need a visa, which is issued on arrival and often is from 30 minute to 100 euros.
  • To participate in the ascent to Damavand, it is recommended to have the experience of hiking or climbing to an altitude of about 4000 m.
  • From June to September the weather in Iran is very warm and stable without precipitation, so enough with a sleeping bag limit -5 comfort. But you need to have vindstopper, hat and gloves, as on top of strong wind.
  • In Iran, it is very important to comply with the dress code. The girls cover their heads, but not the face, the face is still open. Skirt not wear genuine, to the floor. The body should be closed as much as possible, that would not peeped anything obscene. Muzhchnam sufficiently long pants, walking shorts prohibited. Also in Iran, banned alcohol, do not import it for any reason, it is a criminal punishment.


Tour price include:

  • Guide
  • Route meals
  • First aid kit
  • All rides on taxi & metro
  • All tickets on train & bus
  • Cableway Tochal - Tegeran
  • All hostels & shelters
  • Permit on the Damavand
  • Ticket in Persepolis
  • Rise backpacks on donkeys
  • Spot in a tent - if your need
  • Campfire accessories

Tour price not include:

  • Flight tickets
  • Food in cities
  • Medical insurance
  • A ride from and to the airport
  • Visa in Iran 30-100 Euro

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Jane Atamanenco
Jane Atamanenco
This is one of those tours that combines mountainous and entertaining parts together in one travel. And we had enough time for both of them. In the first part we managed to acclimatize ourselves properly for the high altitude and climbed on top of Demavend. It is the highest extinct volcano in Asia (5610 m.) and does require some effort. Its slops are adorned by red poppy fields, which are most beautiful in the spring. Having gone down after that, tired, but with a feeling of completed mission, we dived in a real authentic culture. For Western people Iranian society could look sometimes strange, but if you have open mind you will like it. I hold in respect their traditions of hospitality (you have a feeling that helpful people are everywhere !).
Mary Kluienko
Mary Kluienko
Iranian tracking was a big challenge, the big pleasure and the big adventure as well. I want to provide a couple of hints basing on my own climbing experience in that country. Firstly, do not be worry or aware of getting visa after arriving to airport. And secondly, take a sun protection lotion or cream!! We climbed up to Damavan in an amount of 3 people, - tiny but cozy company. One thing you need to make sure you ARE READY FOR THE HIGHT? If you have enough of mountain tops acclimatization experience and your body is already familiar with ''mountain sickness'', it's trip for you! Iranian trip by itself is something fabulous. The dust of mountains, and friendly attitude of city inhabitants as well as fascinating colours and shapes of mosques will stay as an adventurously memory for all life long!
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