Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)

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New Campaign on Turkey. Carian Trail - the successor and continuer of the traditions of the famous Lycian trail. It passes through the intricately indented bays of the Aegean coast, not far from the famous Kurota Marmaris. Carian Trail, as Lycian, consists of several parts. In this campaign we will study trails of the peninsula Bozburun - is directly opposite the Greek island of Rhodes.

1 day. Gathering the group in Marmaris

Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)

All uchastnki hike fly to Dalaman Airport (DLM) are usually at different times. From the airport you can get to Marmaris by bus or taxi. Gradually Living in the hotel, we walk along the resort village. In the evening, we get together, repack backpacks, food and dismantle equipment.

Day 2. Turunch, the ruins of the Phoenix.

Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)

Early in the morning, we have breakfast and move to Turunch village. Come on uninhabited southwestern tip of the peninsula Bozburun. Besides us there is almost no one. Well, except that the shepherds, goats and yachtsmen :) last swim here to park overnight in the secluded bays. To one of them today and we are heading. On the way to see the ruins of the ancient city of Phoenix. We spend the night in tents on the shore of the Aegean Sea.

Distance: 8 km

Day 3. Bay Bozukkale

Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)

Our bay is the last point where there are at least some road (primer). Further infrastructure of trails and there is only the sea. We will try to walk)). Our goal - the southern tip of the Bozburun, or rather bay Bozukkale. The nearby castle ruins from our camp (also Bozukkale), but we'll go there tomorrow.

Distance: 8 km

Day 4. Dnёvka fortress and temples Karamaka

Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)

Today we dnёvka - Tents remain standing in the bay, and we are able to walk a little bit light. You can explore the ruins of the fortress, to admire them with views of the massive figure of the Greek island of Rhodes on the horizon. You can just lie on the beach. Well, for the most active will walk on the edge of Cape Bozburun to the ruins of the ancient Karamaki. There is more or less survived several interesting temples, and in general - the edge of earth))

Distance: 2 to 12 km

Day 5: Return to the East

Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)

One ends of the earth with you, we have learned, we can move on to the next. We are putting the camp and go back to the East. To make it more interesting for the way back, we will choose a new path on the north side of the cape. Take a small perevalchik (him again visible Rhodes) and get down for the night in the next bay.

Distance: 15 km

Day 6. Tashludzha, Sogyutkoyu

Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)

Again, we go through Tashludzha village. We go to the store and a little restock the market. Now stores will meet more often)) A bit heavy with we leave civilization and go down to the coast. We are becoming a camp in a large bay Sogyutkoyu.

Distance: 9 km

Day 7. Sogyut with. Bozburun

Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)

At first, go right on the beach. Pass village Sogyut and begin to climb the powerful (by the standards of Carian trails) range. In fact, he is not more than 200 meters high, ie absolutely nothing for the present tourist who seeks to be reunited with the sea))

During the pass we are waiting for the descent to the village of Bozburun, famous for its shipyards. There are built and repaired a huge number of yachts, excursion ships and other craft. A little look at how others work, check whether something tasty in the store did not deliver and go beyond the village to spend the night on a terraced hillside. Yes, we do not have the bay today!

Distance: 11 km

Day 8. Delikliyol Koyu, Selimiye, Kizilkoy

Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)

On the whole half-day leave from the sea. It is necessary to cross the ridge Kepez Dagi again to safely reach the shore in the bay area Delikliyol Koyu. In the middle of the bay there is a tiny island with a fortress. More some fortifications there right on the beach. We pass it all and Selimiye village to boot. Thoroughly go deep inland to set up camp among the ruins of the ancient village Kizilkoy.

Distance: 15 km

Day 9. Bayir, Valley Falls

Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)

We continue to move away from the coastal bustle. Before lunch, we would do well to take a pass (not too high, but relatively steep) to eventually come down to the village Bayir. We will not stop there and climb up again. Over the next perevalchikom is the main attraction of the day - a cascade of beautiful waterfalls. They hide in protected forest (ie the tent next to the waterfalls can not be placed). So we Let's go a little further and become for the night beyond the borders of the security zone.

Distance: 10 km

Day 10. Turgut, Marmaris

Carian Trail (Bozburun Peninsula)

The last day of the campaign trail for the Carian. Just an hour and a half down to the village of Turgut, sit down on a minibus, and in an hour we'll be in Marmaris. It will be somewhere in the region of 13:00. Hike completed. Selimsya in our hostel and give himself up.

Distance: 4 km

Day 11. Flight home.

Today scatter. Recall that dobiranie Dalaman can take anywhere from a half to two hours.

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  • This is a real mountain hiking. We carry food, equipment and personal stuff in our backpacks on our backs. We stay for a night in tents. We cook food on the burner (the guide provides the burner and other cooking stuff). At the camp sites there is a shower and a washing machine.
  • Before hiking starts, the guide buys all food and distributes it equally among all the participants. Each gets about 4-5 kg of food. On our way we’ll buy more products.
  • The instructor can change the route depending on the weather, the state of the group and other factors. The main idea is to enjoy the hiking.
  • You need to pay in cash at the beginning. In the case of retirement the price is not recalculated and is not refundable.
  • Threr are usually from 10 to 15 participants in a group.
  • The capm is being set up by all the participants (setting up tents, cooking food). Working together is much fun :)
  • Visa to Turkey is not required for citizens of the most of Western countries, but it’s beter to check the information.
  • In order to participate in this hiking tour you need experience in hiking and should not have any medical contraindications.
  • The weather in Turkey is about 20-30 degrees in the afternoon, and it’s 15-20 at night. You’d better have a sleeping bag with comfort limit of 0 degree.


Tour price include:

  • Guide
  • Route meals
  • First aid kit
  • Rides Marmaris - Turunch and Turgut - Marmaris
  • Hotel in Marmaris for 2 nights
  • Sights
  • Spot in a tent - if your need
  • Campfire accessories

Tour price not include:

  • Flight tickets
  • Food in Marmaris
  • Medical insurance
  • A ride from and to the airport

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